Friday, November 6, 2009

The red Moleskine

It's morning here in Atlanta. The sun lights up every room in the house, making us wonder if it's possible to bottle it up and keep it for the whole day. With the recent time change it would be nice to have some sunlight available after 5pm. If you figure out how to do this, let me know. (You're probably saying, um Sarah... in 2009 we have things called lamps, they're great you should try them.. and I know, but lamps are just... different, call me prejudice but they just ain't tha same)

So because light is scarce in these here parts, I have to wake up early and get started with the day (which in the end is probably better... the sun knows I'm not disciplined enough to work at night, Friends re-runs are just too tempting!). My morning routine is 1)Coffee 2)Bathroom 3)Red Moleskine. The Red Moleskine is really where the magic of my work and life exists. It's my super-trendy self-tribute to 'Stuff White People Like' . It contains my rambling mess of photographic ideas, prayers to God about life, love and the pursuit of happiness, and probably a few phone numbers that I had to write down somewhere (and the red color of it makes it that much more sassy). It's essential to my sanity, its disorganization keeps me organized.

This morning it's getting a bit of everything from me; ideas for my wedding tomorrow, a few questions for God, and probably some pointless doodles. I hope that you have something similar to welcome you, to pour your thoughts into, and to look ridiculously cool in your hand. If not, might I recommend a Red Moleskine?


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