Friday, May 29, 2009

Fine Friday...

Happy Friday! It has been a beautiful day and I am visiting a friend so we took advantage of it and roamed the town square nearby. We sat outside behind a little coffee shop in a sort of court yard-like area... and the comments that followed soon after were focused on the amazing ability that we have to fully relax in public places... feet propped, eyes, closed... completely oblivious to everything around us. Someone could take our stuff... ehhhh but who cares, we'll call the bank ...tomorrow (this has pretty much been the mindset all day).

The one thing that I regret today is that I didn't bring my camera along! AHH! So frustrating, I never have it when I want it. The square was so unique, perfect for one-of-a-kind photos. 

I guess I'll just embrace the next moment.

Tonight we are going to catch a Beatles tribute band.... heck yes. AND it is free, heck yes.. can't by ME love, baby.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Full swing summer!

Summer has started! I'm excited because that means longer days, more time to get things done (or more time to 'waste' time?). I am loving this! I think thought that the individuals at Barnes and Noble are getting tired of seeing my face... I should probably buy something there other than a super large latte in order to compensate for me taking over their extremely comfy chairs. By the way... where DO they get those chairs? Can I buy one? With the amount of money I spend on coffee there I am sure that I could claim one by now...

This weekend will be busy, a wedding to help shoot on Saturday and then a family shoot on Sunday... I'll be sure to stock up on Smart Water before Friday -it's supposed to be hot.

By the way...Was there enough product placement in this post for all of us? I'll look for my check in the mail...
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