Monday, May 11, 2009

Full swing summer!

Summer has started! I'm excited because that means longer days, more time to get things done (or more time to 'waste' time?). I am loving this! I think thought that the individuals at Barnes and Noble are getting tired of seeing my face... I should probably buy something there other than a super large latte in order to compensate for me taking over their extremely comfy chairs. By the way... where DO they get those chairs? Can I buy one? With the amount of money I spend on coffee there I am sure that I could claim one by now...

This weekend will be busy, a wedding to help shoot on Saturday and then a family shoot on Sunday... I'll be sure to stock up on Smart Water before Friday -it's supposed to be hot.

By the way...Was there enough product placement in this post for all of us? I'll look for my check in the mail...

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