Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I've got the sweetest love....

That is currently the song I am listening to... it's going to be a great tuesday! lately life has been full of blessings... unpredicted blessings (which I think is the way blessings are!). I am so thankful for my life and for the things that are happening right now. I've got the sweetest love, there ain't nothing sweeter (more lyrics, I can't get away!)... my sweetest love is Christ and he is so sweet :)

Sunday I attended the Georgia Bridal Show and picked up about 4000 brochures, I like to attend these for information on trends and discounts/promotions that I can pass on to my clients.

Here are all of the brochures... testing my reading and attention span.

Check back tomorrow for a wedding post! Here's a sneak peak!

*Image taken for Joy Wilson of Joy Wilson Photography

Have a terrific tuesday everyone... (and dwell on my fantastic alliteration)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Britney and Bryce: Engagement

Here are a few of the photos from Britney and Bryce's engagement, you may remember them from the 'teaser' post that I put up a little while ago. I could go on about how in love with each other these two are, but you can clearly see it in the expressions on their faces! (so i'll spare you!) I cannot wait for their wedding in November, it is going to be so much fun... with a couple this easy to photograph it's going to be a dream! Thank you Britney and Bryce for letting me capture your engagement!

Location: Kennesaw Mountain National Battelfield Park, Kennesaw, GA.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Britney and Bryce are Engaged!

So I had the super-fun privilege of taking Britney and Bryce's engagement photos last week (you may remember that I blogged about them right after!)... I am in love with this couple. They are just too freakin' cute! Here are a few sneak-peak teasers from their session... I'll be ready with the rest sometime next week. There are a lot of photos, and hey.. a girl's gotta eat..and sleep... so check back soon for the rest! For now, enjoy!

be sure to check out for recent sessions too!

Monday, June 15, 2009

I want to create an inspiration board... so i think i am setting out to do that!

Here is one I love :) courtesy of Danske

Have an inspiring day

Ahhh my bed!

ahhhh....sinking into my amazing cloud of a bed. this feels spectacular. it's been a long weekend, and I have been out of my house for about 3 nights in a row, it feels good to be back. hello bed, I'm sorry I left you... promise to love you immensley this week. Love- Sarah.

I had a fabulous time helping Joy Wilson from Joy Wilson Photography shoot Kelly and Brad Logan's wedding this weekend. it was gorgeous, and Kelly took care of every detail to a T! The wedding took place at Towne View Baptist Church in kennesaw, GA and the reception followed at Cedar Plantation in Acworth. It was one of the most beautiful receptions I have ever been too. The food was great -AND there was a chocolate fountain... you may think it's tacky but if you get a room full of women around there then you would have figured someone discovered they could breathe diamonds. it was amazing. The ceremony was sweet and scriptural... the music shared the Gospel with each note sung and Kelly and Chad were so enamored with each other that it made you just want to crawl inside their love. :) sweetness, pure sweetness.

Have a great night/morning everyone! Tomorrow's a new week!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Busy is good

So today was busy day... heck who am I kidding, this day is blurred with the rest of the week... I feel like this week was one long gazillion hour day.. a busy one. But I am so thankful for the busyness because it means I am still breathing! (whew!)... also it means that I am helping people smile, and then be able to see those smiles for years and years and years... gotta love photos! :)

Yesterday I met with Britney and Bryce for an engagement shoot in Kennesaw Mt. It was grand, I was looking through my pictures today and I was just so amazed at how sweet their love is, I cannot WAIT until their wedding! Sneak pictures coming soon from yesterday!

Today was a meeting with Kimberly to go over her final details for her June 27th wedding. Bravo! Note to all of you photographers/wedding coordinators/detail obsessed people out there... when discussing a wedding with the Bride... always ask her the schedule of the day! You would be so surprised at how often they haven't thought it through (I mean come on, they are planning most everything else!!!) and setting a schedule (or at least asking for hers) will putyou both at ease, and show that you are really interested in how she would like the day to go.

G.nite g.nite!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Fantastic day!

So I had a fantastic day photographing Britney and Bryce's engagement.. it rained earlier in the day but then i took one look at the sky and told it who was boss, then wouldn't ya know, it cleared up! I've got the 'look' what can I say :)

Can't wait to show you how absolutely freakin' adorable Britney and Bryce were... but until tomorrow, here is a fabulous wedding photo that I found while I was looking for some 'beach photography' to appease this rainy Georgia weather we have been having lately...

The photo is by ardent photography... check them out HERE

g'nite dudes.

Business is nice...

Well today I am off to lunch with the wonderful Joy Wilson to catch up and hand over some of the photos that I took of her last week. Every time I hand over some product I automatically want to say "nice doin' business wit ya" in my best Chicago-gangster style... does that come to anyone else's mind? Ok maybe just me...

after the lunch with Joy I am off to shoot some love! Yay!!! I was asked to photograph Britney and Bryce for their engagement photos, and they have already booked me for their wedding in November! The shoot is at Kennesaw Mountain in Georgia... lots of wide open fields (imagine some 'Sound of music' theme playing here) and just trees... perfect backdrops. But Of course... I can't ever leave nature to be it's own backdrop (sorry Mother Nature, nothing personal) so I have packed up a few tag-a-long items to incorporate into the pictures.

Hope everyone is having a fanrastic day... I'm dressed up today, felt like showering... hahah

I will leave you with one of the pictures of Joy:

Friday, June 5, 2009

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fun Days ahead!

I had such a great time yesterday morning photographing Joy Wilson for Joy Wilson Photography! We met for breakfast and a few portraits/headshots at a cute little place in Atlanta called West Egg. Great little coffee shop with such an eclectic and comfy atmosphere! Please check it out if you are ever in Atlanta looking for breakfast/brunch/lunch (they are only open until 4!).

So Joy needed some updated photos of herself for her blog and website and I was happy to oblige...

Here are some of my favorites from the morning:

So cute!

So this weekend it is off to a wedding in LaGrange... I'm a date, I'm not photographing it, though I'll have a hard time turn my 'photographer's' brain off. The wedding is supposed to be a grand festival... full of southern pomp and circumstance... If I get any photos of it I will be sure to post them.

Have a great day all!


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