Thursday, June 11, 2009

Busy is good

So today was busy day... heck who am I kidding, this day is blurred with the rest of the week... I feel like this week was one long gazillion hour day.. a busy one. But I am so thankful for the busyness because it means I am still breathing! (whew!)... also it means that I am helping people smile, and then be able to see those smiles for years and years and years... gotta love photos! :)

Yesterday I met with Britney and Bryce for an engagement shoot in Kennesaw Mt. It was grand, I was looking through my pictures today and I was just so amazed at how sweet their love is, I cannot WAIT until their wedding! Sneak pictures coming soon from yesterday!

Today was a meeting with Kimberly to go over her final details for her June 27th wedding. Bravo! Note to all of you photographers/wedding coordinators/detail obsessed people out there... when discussing a wedding with the Bride... always ask her the schedule of the day! You would be so surprised at how often they haven't thought it through (I mean come on, they are planning most everything else!!!) and setting a schedule (or at least asking for hers) will putyou both at ease, and show that you are really interested in how she would like the day to go.

G.nite g.nite!

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