Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Business is nice...

Well today I am off to lunch with the wonderful Joy Wilson to catch up and hand over some of the photos that I took of her last week. Every time I hand over some product I automatically want to say "nice doin' business wit ya" in my best Chicago-gangster style... does that come to anyone else's mind? Ok maybe just me...

after the lunch with Joy I am off to shoot some love! Yay!!! I was asked to photograph Britney and Bryce for their engagement photos, and they have already booked me for their wedding in November! The shoot is at Kennesaw Mountain in Georgia... lots of wide open fields (imagine some 'Sound of music' theme playing here) and just trees... perfect backdrops. But Of course... I can't ever leave nature to be it's own backdrop (sorry Mother Nature, nothing personal) so I have packed up a few tag-a-long items to incorporate into the pictures.

Hope everyone is having a fanrastic day... I'm dressed up today, felt like showering... hahah

I will leave you with one of the pictures of Joy:

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