Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Total Boredom Tuesday's

I love school. really. I do. I love that our country allows its citizens the opportunity, no, REQUIRES them the opportunity to have an experience with education. I think that it is great that we value the mind. However.... there is always a however... sometimes I am just bored. Today I had a social statistics class, much like the research methods class that I took last year... actually, almost exactly like the research methods class that I took last year. Due to their extereme similarity I found myself nodding off, creating weird facial expressions in order to keep my eyes open, and I think I checked twitter 587 times :) Everything we were going over seemed to be a replay, a massive deja-vu if you will, of last semester...and this ticks me off. I am paying for (or rather the HOPE is paying for) a class that I have realistically already taken. There are more things I could be doing with that hour, and since this is my LAST ungergrad class, there are many things I could be doing if I werent' a college student. Also... the money that HOPE is paying for me to take an 'already takne' class could go to another student. Ugh. I love our system... but sometimes I think it's problem, it's issue of apathetic students and early drop-outs may have to do with the neccessity of total boredom.

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