Tuesday, December 29, 2009

It's the little things

Starbucks has thought of it all, haven't they. You may or may not like them depending on your loyalty to corporate coffee or not... but lay all that aside and really think about it... Starbucks has a couple of geniuses working for them.

This probably seems like a truly random topic... but I promise it's going somewhere. I stopped by the Zeus of coffee yesterday (I got a couple of gift cards for Christmas!!) to indulge in my Non-Fat-Cafe-Misto-with-a-shot-of-Mocha and left a happier-than-normal camper. The reason you ask? Well my coffee was excellent and it was pleasantly warm inside compared to the 30 degree Atlanta Monday, but that's not it. No no no.. the reason I was all giggly when I left was because of those little green sticks Starbucks invented that go in the sippy-hole of your lid in order to prevent coffee spillage while your driving, walking, or dancing with your hot cup o' joy. What an amazing idea! I'm not new to these little green sticks, but lets just say that yesterday I saw them in a whole new light. They may be little, but they can make or break a white shirt and prevent your hand from blistering due to hot coffee spilled in transit. Come to think of it... they probably save Starbucks some lawsuits; I bet McDonald's wishes they'd invented some little red sticks.

The moral of this rando-story? I think too many times we focus on what the big things get us, or what the big things won't get us. Rarely do we stop to notice all of the little tiny things around us that are supporting and helping us...making life easier or more fun, and I think we are less satisfied because of it. I'm probably the worst at recognizing what I've got, but I'm going to make a pre-New Years resolution and start today and I hope you will too, because sometimes... it's the little things.

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