Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Busy Busy Bee

It's really hard for me to admit this, but I kind of thrive off of busyness. Like for real. And I feel guilty for it sometimes too because I've been brought up that you've got to loathe busyness... it gets in the way of life! We are supposed to complain about being so busy, and so knowing that I'm actually ok with being busy, I'm that girl in the corner eating an excessive amount of chips and dip so that I can avoid the stares of shock that generally come after I explain that though I'm busy, 'I don't mind'.
See the truth is, I love what I do... no, wait, I LOOOOOVVVVEEEEEEEE what I do. There is so much sheer middle-school-girl-at-an-NSYNC-concert excitement every time I go to meet a client, sit down to edit some photos, arrive at a wedding, drive 300mi in a day, and scarf down a super-classy Taco Bell meal on my way to the next event. Love it. And my career allows me to be around people that love what I do, too (and appreciate my 'busyness' just as much). My clients are the best, they love photography and the time and energy I put into their personal hotty-toddy photos... and having clients like that make working hard for them very rewarding.
Today was a very very busy day. And though I may have had a few bouts of road-rage on the way to meetings in which I am chronically late for... they aren't a reflection of how I feel about my lack of free time... they just have more to do with Florida drivers in Atlanta (I got much love for ya tho, FL, for real).
So in case you are really busy, and you secretly love it, though you are inclined to sigh and roll your eyes when the subject come up... here is me liberating you (since I have the power to do that of course). If you love it, be proud :)


*disclaimer, if you are sooo busy that you can't stop to pee, disregard everything I just said and breathe

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