Monday, October 19, 2009

Good things are worth waiting for

There is just something about waiting for a good thing. The waiting part may not be very fun, but because you are so certain about the goodness of the very thing you are waiting for, you don't mind it (that much). And have you noticed that you can tell when others are waiting for a good thing too? The looks on their faces, the way that they hold their hands in anticipation, rubbing their fingers together, massaging out the nervous and excited tensions... yes you can tell. And when that good thing finally arrives, when it finally walks through the door and makes it's way into your life... all is well. Your hands miraculously have been healed of nervous tension and the look on your face emits an energy that people in the next room can feel. Yes, it is goooood.

I photographed a wedding this weekend in Griffin, GA and the bride and groom were the kind of people that you knew had been waiting on a good thing. This was the second marriage for both of them, so they knew what events to expect for the day, but knew that this time... the way that they would experience today would be one for the books. They knew. They waited. They loved.

The look on Tatum's face right before she see's her soulmate, the one she's waited for, says it all. She had been waiting on a good thing, and it was worth the wait.

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