Thursday, January 13, 2011

Atlanta's Crazy Snow Week!

I don't think there has been this much snow in Atlanta since the infamous blizzard of '93 where we all got to stay home from school for a week and eat all the food out of the freezer because we didn't have power! Who remembers this?

I woke up Monday and this was my front porch!

My roommate Emily and ventured out into the white gorgeousness for some pictures. People were out sledding, building snowmen, and everything kids like to do on snow days. Its funny how you never grow out of the excitement that comes from the few big snow falls the south gets!

Enjoying the snow is always fun, no matter how old you get:)

{Emily and I}We were freeeeezzzing, but managed to both get some great shots.
Atlanta is beautiful in the snow!

And for all the big footprints and little footprints that went out in the snow this week. 

Happy snow WEEK! Its been fun...but I am ready for 80 degrees and sunny! How about you?



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