Sunday, January 16, 2011

Savannah Wedding Photography | Margaret and Tanner Tie the Knot!

 Check out the slideshow of Margaret and Tanner's Savannah Wedding!
Tanner is from Kansas and Margaret is from Savannah, but their paths crossed at a summer camp in Hawaii where they both were counselors.  They quickly hit it off as friends, and kept in touch through the years. Each summer, they'd try to get assigned to the same camp locations and visit each other during the school year. Before college, their friendship turned into a romantic relationship full  of handwritten love letters and brief visits. Their families both saw the stars align above these two, and when they broke off their relationship, no one was convinced they were done for good. During college they each dated other people, all the while keeping in touch like old friends.

Tanner ended his relationship, and Margaret found herself single, too. All it took was one visit to Kansas City, and the two were inseperable again. I had the privilege of catching breakfast with Margaret at Chick-Fil-A the day after she came back from her visit.. she looked me in the eye and told me she was going to marry him. Margaret is definitely not the 'lovey-dovey' romantic type that falls hard and fast, so I knew her feelings ran deep.

 I once heard someone say that a bride is never more beautiful than she is in his eyes the very first time he sees her.  It was a beautiful moment full of emotion. Margaret's stunning dress is designed by Pronovias.
The two married in Margaret's home town, Savannah, GA, where they will begin their first year of marriage. It was a cool 65 degree December day. Margaret and Tanner were surrounded by close friends and family, most of whom they have known since childhood.
  A Savannah wedding would not be complete without a trolley ride and some fun street shots!
 What a good looking wedding party! Harvey Designs did the gorgeous white flowers for the wedding party.

The traditional catholic wedding was beautiful, and the reception was held at Savannah Station, a refurbished train station off of the river. They danced the night away to Van Morrison Covers and Ben Harper love songs.
Margaret's family pulled out gag-gifts of mustaches and maracas during the reception and insisted to wear them. Everyone, even Margaret's grandmother, was on the dance floor. A trolley took guests back to the hotel, and the love birds snuck out to catch some rest before an early morning flight to Jamaica!

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