Tuesday, May 4, 2010


There is something to be said for spontaneity. Something to be said for saying 'yes' or 'no', for doing what you want to do right then and there, for not giving it more than 2seconds thought...and the only reason you even gave it 2 seconds is because it took your brain that long to decide to turn left or right (or what color cardigan to put on). Spontaneity is exciting, and nerve-wracking. It's probably giving some of you hives just reading the word. Well get over it. Go do something crazy, or just go DO something. The next phone call you get requesting your presence at an impromptu lunch...answer the call, and then go. Food is good, and whatever excuse you have for not going will still be there when you get back. Truth.

For all of us creative types out there, this is especially important when we find ourselves in a black hole of un-creativeness. Our mind will be forced to react quickly and creatively, and when your finished being wild and crazy... you may have your best idea yet.

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  1. YES! And so much to be said about a photographer that can actually capture that spontaneity as well! Well done!

  2. Inspirational...I've been stuck about my sewing machine. I need to go make some two second decisions :)

  3. i am all about spontaneity! thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! i really appreciate that! hope you come again when you get a chance.

  4. This is a fun photo- you can feel his energy! :)

    Happy hump day/Cinco de Mayo!!

  5. Who's that good looking guy in the middle?!!! Love your skills, Sarah - and so glad you were a part of our day!


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