Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Coffee and Smart Water...

Do you ever start certain habits kind of blindly? I love Smart Water.  Which is kind of a big deal if you knew me and knew how much I DON'T drink water. No offense to H2O but it doesn't taste that great to me, and I would rather drink something that has a flavor and gives me some blood-flow (cough cough::coffee::). However, Smart Water may have won me over because I've now started this unconcious habit of downing about 4 bottles a day.

This is probably due to the genius advertising on their part by putting Jennifer Aniston as their spokes model... bc let's face it, who wouldn't want to drink something that maybe-might-possibly-bysomechance-kindof make you look like her? I want to be her friend.

So I'm a little healthier today (and for the past few weeks) because of my new obsession with Smart Water. Their spokes model and super-fun squeeze-bottles have won me over. I haven't completely replaced my coffee, nor will I EVER, but I'm pretty close to reducing it's domination over my blood stream. I think I'm putting the 'smart' in my Smart Water.



  1. I have the same problem with diet cokes, Ill have to try it!

  2. i'm addicted to dr. pepper. i need to definitely turn to water. but you're right, it doesn't taste all that great...

  3. I love diet coke, diet dr. depper, diet snapple..haha. But seriously, how amazing does Jennifer A look in those ads?

  4. i should try that some time. good for smart water. i have an unhealthy obsession with diet coke, too. seems like a lot of ppl do.

    i only drink water when i get massive headaches.. and i know i'm that dehydrated.



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