Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Things I wish I knew

There are a lot of things I wish I knew... and most of them are things that I wish I knew in the past, I could care less about the future! I just wish I knew that the answer wasn't always 'C' on a multiple choice test, or that the high-school boys I had crushed on would eventually turn out looking like Yoda dressed in J.Crew.

Those are small things, but right now I'm approaching my 1st year in business (or shooting weddings... my 'business' anniversary isn't until december) and I'm looking back and thinking 'Wow, I wish I'd known THAT'

One thing that I wish I'd known: For everything that you don't know how to do, or don't want to do, there is someone who can and wants to. 

In one word: outsourcing. I'm not a big fan of graphic design. I LOVE it, I'm just not that great at it. However, I had no idea the resources that are out there to help people like me who need a basic graphic, like...oh, a logo (not that basic, really...kind of a big deal).

I stumbled on LogoSauce last week and I was kicking myself for the amazing service it offers. If you're in need of a logo, or some graphics help...please check them out. I'm drumming up my own 'challenge' right now.

I wish I'd done it sooner, but add it to the list of things I wish I'd known.


  1. Good Challenge!

    In addition, check out

  2. I hear ya on the things I wish I had known and many of them have to do with high school and college lol.

    Enjoy your day!

  3. thank you for your kind words on my blog! there's a lovely post on design*sponge today that you might find helpful as a small business owner.

    have a great day!

  4. Thanks for the tip on logos...had to laugh out loud at the Yoda in J Crew comment...hilarious...b/c its true!



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