Monday, October 11, 2010

10.11.10 Best of the Week Photo Contest

I am loving these blog photo contests. Thank you all for voting week after week. Congratulations to Jason and Jessica! Your photo won last week's "Best of the Week" photo contest. (Click the link to view).

Went to San Francisco this weekend- kindof an impromptu escapade when my camera broke. Don't we sometimes just need to get out of town? Especially when you get to see the Golden Gate Bridge.

Its always at the most inconvenient times that things [like camera's breaking when you are a photographer] happen. However, the world will keep spinning, my camera will be fixed [hopefully] by the end of the week, and I will be back on track. And a special thanks to Will helping me out with camera issues this week!!

Pictures and slideshow from Katie and Cody's wedding coming later this week. :) 

Open Up
 Under the Tree at Sunset
TTD (Trash the Dress) Sunrise Session
Tell Me I'm Beautiful

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