Tuesday, October 19, 2010

San Francisco Travel Photography | Sarah Esther

Sometimes you just need to get away. Of course, most of those times happen when you can't get away (which, I think is why we really want to in the first place! oh the cycles.)

Last weekend I had the fantastic pleasure of my wants and my needs actually matching up for a change, and I took off to San Francisco for a little me-and-california time.

San Francisco is one of my absolute favorite cities that I have ever been to. Right now, it's a close second behind Paris (which we will be in come March!). The environment is a perfect blend of coast-meets-city-meets-mountains. I long to engage in portrait photography along the San Francisco Embarcadero. Any takers?

I took so many pictures, and I want to share them all, but I think I'll actually space them out. I'll need a little taste of San Francisco every week, so maybe I'll post a few a week until I go back. Sounds like a plan.

Sunrise near the Marin Headlands behind the Golden Gate


Happy Tuesday everyone!


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