Friday, July 3, 2009

Forget SanFrancisco... I left my heart in PARIS!

Oh Paris... C'est tres magnifique. J'aime Paris et les rues des romance. Oui c'est vrai... les rues sont pleines de romantisme.

I had the wonderful privilege of taking a trip to Paris when I was in 8th grade (thanks moms and pops :))... and while I enjoyed it SO MUCH... I think that I was a little young to really appreciate what I was surrounded by, I mean... how many 8th graders do you know that can truly appreciate the beauty of a royal garden in Versailles? Yea... I thought so. SO naturally... I have decided that I need to go back, just to appreciate it of course, you know, it's my duty. So paris... will you accept me? Delta... will you come up with a round-trip flight for less than $300? Pretttyyy please???

Ugh. Until that happens I am going to be stuck drooling (yes drooling... it happens, ok?) over Elisabeth Millay's Parisian masterpieces. Please check her blog out for you own sake... happy drooling :)

Here are a few of her Parisian photographs:

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