Friday, July 17, 2009

Workin' for the weekend

Rise and Shine! I say that as if you people are just now waking up... and if you live on the west coast, that is probably true, so I'll apply my morning greeting to you. It's only 11:56 here on the east coast... still morning, so I say that the greeting still applies. Nana nana boo boo.

Truth is I woke up mayyyybbbbeee an hour ago. Late start definitely. This doesn't mean that the hours of my work day are now shorter, no no no... just that I will be up until 11 working instead of having a funtastic friday night in Atlanta. Ugh. Love sleeping, hate the consequences.

I have about 800 photos to fully edit right now. ::cue crazy eyes:: So my days are going to be lonnnggggg until I finish. No worries, I love seeing what I can do with editing, it is a really fun part of my job! I've included one of the fun pictures that I absolutely love in today's post. doesn't it just make you hear a solo piano concerto? everytime I look at this picture I swear I hear music playing, seriously.

Do you guys have any photos like that? The ones that cue music or smells? Share them!

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