Thursday, January 14, 2010

The power of 'potential'

Do you ever look at things (anything.. books, pictures, your outfit..) and say to yourself "Wow, that has a LOT of potential"? I do it a lot to my outfits, because honestly, I'm more of a comfort person than and cute person, and so a lot of times my outfits have 'potential', and would probably reach their potential if I took off the t-shirt and put on a nice jeweled cardigan :)

I was editing some photos today and as I was going through them, there were a lot of photos that were great, and had reached their potential... and then there were some that I would look at and say "Hmmm". This cycle continued all of the way through the series I was editing. At the end of the edit I was reflecting on the set, and the philosophy behind the different edits I applied (what kind of philosophy, you ask? that's a whole other post for a whole other time, sorry babes) and I came up with this thought:

Every photo that you take should be one that captures the potential of the moment.

Meaning? Each moment has the potential to be a great photograph, the job of the photographer is to capture that great photograph... showcasing the moment. As hard as it is to accomplish, we shouldn't look at already taken photographs and say 'wow that has the potential to be a great photograph'... we should look at moments and say 'wow that has the potential to be a great photograph'

I'm sorry if you disagree... I love to post-process and I love the results that I get from it. But you can't make a great photograph out of a crappy one by photoshop alone... you will just have a highly edited crappy photo.

This is a philosophy, or mantra, or whatever you want to call it that I hope I employ with every single press of my shutter button. I'm not a super-fantastic photographer, but I hope that by shooting for the power of potential I can become one.

Here is one of the edits from today... one that I looked at and knew that I had captured the moment's potential :)Also, thanks to Margaret and Tanner for being such a gorgeous couple!

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