Thursday, January 28, 2010

What's coming up....

Hello! #1 Slacker right here, apologies for being out-of-touch the last couple of days. This week has materialized and then disappeared again right before my very eyes, and of course because I know everyone runs on my time schedule... I'm assuming it's been the same for you. This week has actually been quite fantastic, full of new things that I've never done before... like:

1)Shoot a boudoir session
2)Assist a boudoir session
3)Get in front of the camera for a glam-session of my own (insert Homer Simpson-like 'Doh!' right here)
4)Get an Atlanta Parking ticket (timed at 3 minutes before I actually returned to my car)
5)Actually sit down for the State of The Union address

I'm excited about knocking these things off of my To-Do list, even though I never really had a to-do list to knock them off of... But it did get me in the mood to make some more lists. I'll share one of them today, and maybe as I get better at them and eventually become a professional list-maker with my own TLC show (oh yes, oh yes) I can be your list-peration (yes, I did just make up a word mashing list and inspiration together). For now, I am going to stick to photography because that is what I love, but in the spirit of doing things that I say I am going to do, here is that list:

What's coming up!
1) Wedding Season!!!
2) My Re-branding (super excited... contests will follow it's launch, so stay tuned)
3)Watching 'The Pregnancy Pact' on Lifetime because we DVR'd it. Yep.
4)VEGAS BABY!!!! I'll be there with zillions of other Wedding Photogs. No repeat of 'The Hangover'.
5) The Grammy's. Some of the best and worst live performances ever.
6) 70-Degree weather in Atlanta. HOLY GOD I am so tired of the cold.

There is my list for things coming up that I am super excited about, I didn't promise you it would be life changing (Although the pregnancy Pact could be pretty moving...)

To celebrate my 1st boudoir experience.. here are some photos that I took of the amazing Joy Wilson during the sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday! Thanks to the Georgian Terrace in Atlanta for their gorgeous rooms. Also.. thanks to my new Canon 7D for being so awesome. All of these photos are straight out of camera (SOC) with absolutely no editing. It rocks.

Joy has a beautiful laugh

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