Monday, August 9, 2010

A Hidden Venue

I recently found a hidden spot in Atlanta for great relaxation, dates, and drum roll... photos. I'll give you a hint: inside the perimeter. Anyone know where?

A place where you can go in the middle of your busy day and sit at the base of the fountain or in the gazebo and time just seems to freeze. After dinner last week, I took some of my friends to the area and they were equally impressed with how hidden and tranquil the 'park' is. The general chaos and business of life in Atlanta surrounds it on every side, but inside you can breath deeply and listen to the sound of the water crashing down from the fountain.

Don't we all need a brief pause in our busy schedules?


  1. i know i've been here before, but i can't put my finger on where it is

  2. Right across from the Four Seasons... near Veni Vedi Vici ...amazing



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