Monday, September 13, 2010

Best of the Week Photo Contest | Atlanta Wedding and Portrait Photography

Hi Everyone. Thank you all for voting on your favorite photo of the week. I am loving giving a $10 print credit to all my winners.

CHANGE: I am now going to start the contest on Monday and the polls will close on Sunday night. So each Monday, check my blog to vote! Excited about continuing to see which photos are your favorite.

Happy voting:)
Lily Pads
Tree Hang
Overlooking the Lake
Big Smiles


  1. I definitely like #3 Tree Hang. The little girl is so cute!

  2. I vote for The Tree Hang, My cousins wishing you guys the best and I always support guys, with love... Teisha Perry

  3. #3, the tree hang. The mom is smiling but she looks concerned. I should know. I am the mom!

    Sarah you were a pleasure to work with. Thanks!

  4. I definitely love #3. The camera loves the precious little girl in the middle & she really looks to be having a blast hanging from the tree :)

  5. Sarah this is such a fun idea, I love voting every week! :)

  6. #2 - "Look!"

  7. I voted yesterday and not sure what happened to my comment but....

    I vote for the tree hanging princess...although mom may be a little concerned, I'm sure Daddy has his you much, Ryann and her parents

  8. I love them all but I vote for tree hang :) You are so talented Sarah!!



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