Thursday, April 8, 2010

Film Fun

Last week I found a couple of rolls of film in an old camera bag and decided to take them in and see what was on them..definitely hoping that I would discover some treasures. I had not -and since these were taken, have not- shot with film ever before in my life (aside from disposable cameras at prom, of course!) and so my enthusiasm for these rolls was a bit mixed. All of you other photogs out there are probably scoffing at me, the little digi-girl with her fancy DSLR... but hey, I finally jumped on the 400 yr old film-wagon!

I got my photos back yesterday and as soon as I uploaded them  I was sold :) These are definitely not the best pictures I've ever taken...but I love and appreciate them in a different way because they are different. There is a sharpness and a grayscale that is perfectly unique to these film bits and I cannot WAIT to try out some more :)

What makes me even happier about my film adventure is that I bought my camera at Goodwill for a cool $39 -and it came with a lens :).

100 years of solitude,bouquet,wedding photography,film

fil,flower girl,ring bearer,wedding

A drying bouquet.

Thought this was does fun things, I guess!
bananas,BW,black and white

And here's one of me! (thanks Emily)


  1. Just lovely! I think having a healthy balance of DSLR and the old-fashioned kind of camera makes for an excellent photographer!

  2. So pretty! Look how cute you are! I love forgetting and then remembering you have film to develop---the big reveal of what was on the roll is such a fun surprise! xo katie

  3. Bonitas fotos!!
    Tienes un regalito en mi blog!
    Feliz fin de semana!!

  4. so gorgeous! we have only the dslr, but I want to start using film, too.



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