Thursday, April 1, 2010

Winner Winner

...Chicken Dinner. For all those Hangover fans out there, that phrase should provide you with a Thursday chuckle.

But really, I'm a winner! Last week Debbie over at Bridalhood announced to me that I had won her giveaway! She makes custom made soy candles out of Daytona Beach, FL (which I actually have a special bond to, since I worked at Sonny's there one summer. Gasp.) I am a candle FANTATIC. Fo' real. I'm the girl that smells every. single. candle. on the store shelf with no intention of buying one. I'm just there for the experience.

Well, now I actually have a few to call my own. I received my lovely package of candles this week and my living room now smells like Campfire, my bedroom like Fig Tree, and my bathroom like Sandalwood. Hello heaven, so this is what you smell like?

I loved my package so much that I took pictures of it! Be sure to check out Bridalhood and Costa Candles!

I opened it up with this cute card and sweet package note!

And here's what was inside! LOVED the little charms on each candle!

Thanks Debbie!!!


  1. I must NOT let me wife see this post as she will want all the afore mentioned candles in large quantities also.

    What a lovely present to receive too :-))

  2. Sarah - Thanks so much for posting. I'm glad you like the candles. Campfire is my absolute favorite! I would love your critic as they burn and let me know how they smell and how they burn down.

  3. oh lucky you! giveaways are sooo nice! beautiful packaging, ill check it out!

  4. Oooh winning is great! Congrats on scoring such a fab prize!



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