Friday, April 16, 2010

It's Friday... take a break

Yesterday was Thursday, but not just any was Tax Thursday. Whew. So after I finished plugging in numbers and Wishing I was in a different bracket, I submitted my taxes...and took a 'tax break'. It probably wasn't what our government had in mind when they created Tax Breaks, but if I was president, a nap and a beer would settle me. 

I took the day to shoot around and learn some things with a new friend. We traveled over to some lofts that I'd shot at MANY times, but it's always good to try to see things from a new perspective. And that we did! 

My break was good, and if you haven't taken your 'tax break' yet (which could mean...napping, shopping, vacationing, whining, movie-marathoning) then do it... it's Friday...take a break.

Izzy Soda makes me want to sit in a chair and veg. Captured a few on display outside of the lofts!



  1. I'm ready to take a break right now and it's only 11am...uh oh! Glad you're done with your taxes, they aren't any fun are they? Enjoy your weekend! xoxo katie

  2. Im glad you took a break and took these gorgeous photos!

  3. Yuck, taxes! :)

    Adorable pics, these are fun. Have a great weekend!

  4. That soda company should hire you! (cause this looks sooo good!)

  5. boooo taxes!!!!

    glad you took a break though!!! lovely pictures!! hope you are having a nice weekend!

  6. My bloggy partner posted about grapefruit Italian soda this weekend. I think I need to see what all the craze is about!!


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