Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend Recap...Manic Monday

I hope any of this is legible for you guys to read.... if there begin to be words with too many letters and/or random symbols `{(09 (oops) I'm sorry! I have this constant stream of water running down my face because of allergies, and it is quite inhibiting of my vision.

Today is going to be such a busy day, but I am excited about it! I have a couple of shoots to edit and Jodi from Passport In My Pocket will be here to have her portraits done! Woo hoo!

As spring is taking off, weekend fun is in no short  supply here! I was absolutely blessed to spend this weekend:
1. Sitting by the fire with friends. This COULD be the most relaxing thing for me in the's right up there with red wine and a bath during the winter.
2. Lounging by the pool in a friend's apt. complex. We were pool crashers. SO sue us.
3. I had SURPRISE/RANDOM tickets to see Amos Lee on Saturday night, and he was amazing. the musical talent of that guy.... wow. Then venue was a super-intimate setting, you actually felt like you were with a bunch of friends (Amos included) jamming.

4. Saturday night I had the great privilege of shooting my high-school best friend Carrie's engagement. We found some amazing buildings and light at the White Realty building in Atlanta. Enjoy this sneak-peak! Happy Monday!



  1. What a gorgeous photo! Your work is breathtaking! Happy Monday! xo

  2. I'm with Amanda - wow - wow - wow.
    LOVING your work. AMAZING.

  3. Gorgeous photo! You are so right about the light, its amazing!

  4. Gorgeous!! you are an amazing photographer!!

  5. Loving this moment - well done composition!



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