Thursday, February 25, 2010

Girly girl

Today's post will be super girly.. so if you are feeling at all masculine, look away.

Ok maybe not super girly, but definitely de la femme.

I used to be a nail biter. That's not my proudest trait, but hey.. it's true. I'm not exactly sure what it is about nails that makes us all look at them and decide to bite them, but I feel like a large group of us suffers from this very thing. I'm not sure what turned my thinking, but one day I decided to not be a nail biter, and I haven't gone back since. It was probably that article in Glamour not to long ago about men not wanting to hold someone's chewed-up hand (mental picture anyone?)... or my discovery of an entire WALL of gorgeous nail polish at Target.  I also remember being inspired by the alway-gorgeous LC from 'The Hills', though I was never one (and never will be one, for black nail polish).

All that being said, I really enjoy painting my nails.. there is something so relaxing about it, maybe because it is almost impossible to thing about anything else while doing it, and that frees my mind for 20min. It's like a power nap for my brain. So now I'm off to doll up mes mains. Cheers, Sally Hansen!


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  1. fun! i just painted my toes w/ black nail polish but put white dots on it to make it anti-gothic :) for some reason us dark haired girls seem to look gothic w/ black nails! the blondes have the luck there :(



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