Wednesday, February 17, 2010

If you build it, they will come..

Sorry for the cheesy movie quote, but that's what I'm good at. Field of Dreams has a lot of wisdom scattered throughout it... plus it's a pretty awesome movie, too. Kevin Costner's character had a hard time grasping the whole 'do something crazy for people that don't exist anymore' thing... but he did, and they did come. I'm not sure if San Fran had the same strategy while building their city, but the people sure did come! There are people everywhere! And the buildings are amazing in that this-is-a-weird-kind-of-building-why-did-they-choose-this-design way. Like Kevin Costner's corn-field baseball diamond, the architecture of San Francisco powerfully draws people in. The city is full of people and cultures, you can walk right out of one neighborhood and into another, and never see the seam. When I would ride the bus, I'd always hear about 5 different languages being spoken around me (I also got to practice my French, once or twice. Oui Oui). I loved the buildings and architecture and the people that came to live/work in them.

here are a few glimpses into the San Fran style.

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This is a classic example of what all buildings in San Fran resemble. There are no houses, only town homes and condos. And they all look like this.  Also, this is the left side of the street and the one below it is the right side. 


Gorgeous Catholic Church at Sunset in Little Italy

This is inside the Ferry Building on the Embarcadero (at the water)


The sunset on the Buildings. Yummy.


This is China Town from the cable car... took it kind of fast, but I like the blur and glare that is added to it.


Here is the shopping Mecca in Union Square Resembles Europe a little (the flag maybe?)...largest shopping area I have ever seen, though. I mean... a 5-story mall? really?



  1. Amazing pictures girl...talented!!!!!!!


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