Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The perfect breakfast

So, to take action on yesterday's post I was going through some older photos of mine for some gems to put into my new 'personal work' section of my website and I found a series that I did around this time last year. The photos are from a fantastic breakfast/lunch joint in Atlanta called West Egg which you absolutely have to experience if you never have. The have food there that can only be described as scrumptious. I tried to think of a more refined word to use, but there is none... really, their food is sooooo good. But aside from having amazing food, they have a pretty unique atmosphere, too. Local art is displayed on the walls of this building, which credits its design from an old fire-station or mechanics garage. The walls inside are painted bright red, and there are fun velvet purple couches (like something from a 1970s Burt Reynolds movie) for you to enjoy if you choose to forego the traditional table seating. Books and old furniture are everywhere, and the vintagey feel inside is tied together with the presence of an ordering counter and an old cash register. It's pretty sweet :) Oh an one more thing... great coffee. Which, if you know me... is a major selling point on all things related to breakfast.

The photos that I found are from a portrait session that I did with my friend and fellow photog Joy Wilson. I had just gotten my camera not to long ago (hence the noise in the photos), and so I was always up for testing it out. While she was getting ready I snapped a few of the joint's scenery, and came up with some that I didn't think were too terrible. One of these is displayed in my kitchen right now... and the other just may have to claim a place, too. Looking at them just reminds me of my idea of a perfect breakfast.

This photo sits in my kitchen, appropriately near the oatmeal.



  1. Hi Sarah! Thanks for your Atlanta tips. I actually lived in Alpharetta for three years, but I haven't been to a lot of those places you all were mentioning! I'll have to check them out.

    Also, I might need head shots for my work stuff... and the one on my site is pretty bad... do you do that kind of work? I might need to give you a call when I'm in the area! Let me know your rates, if you do that kind of thing (you can just comment back to me or drop me an email at jodirkendall at gmail dot com).


  2. I have to thank you for introducing me to west love love that place! and thanks for such a fun breakfast that day :) let's do it again sometime soon, and this time ill take pics of you!

  3. I seriously LOVE your blogger header pic, just wanted you to know :-)


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