Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Showing you what I've got

If you have read my blog for very long or perused over my website... you know that I mainly shoot weddings. It kind of happened by default, but I really enjoy my default, and so I will continue to shoot weddings as long as people think I'm cool enough to do it! Which I am... by the way... cool enough, I am.. really, I promise. However, sometimes a girl just needs to get break out of her shell and see the world! In other more famous and well-put words "girls just wanna have fun!". For me this means getting out of the house (or staying in, depending on the temperature because lets face it, I'm a wuss in cold weather) and taking pictures of people and things that have nothing to do with weddings. In short, I call this my 'personal work'. I'm not sure if it's any good or not, so I'm not going to tag 'Fine Art' onto the front of that label; maybe one day.

I love getting out and letting my mind go free with my camera. Sometimes it takes a while and I get really discouraged because I can't find anything beautiful to shoot. It's in these times that I grow the most, because as photographer my skill is polished more when I have to work harder to find the beauty in things. I've got a collection of photos now that fall into this category of 'personal work' and today I'm going to add a section on my website to showcase it. I'm not promising the most beautiful images you have ever seen, but I am promising you will see more of me, and what goes on outside of 'I Do' and bouquet tosses.

Here is a photo I took recently in my house (because it was cold). Happy Tuesday everyone!



  1. Sarah I didn't know you had a blog! Adding you to links of fab photography on my own blog. Beautiful picture!


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