Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The sights and the sounds, but mostly the sights

Eye candy is everywhere. Really. I actually got OFF of the airplane and began taking pictures immediately... it was that tasty. Of course everyone from then on knew I was a tourist, I mean who else takes pictures inside the airport?? As I rode the transit to my hotel I was trying to map out my route for the day; making sure that I hit up every sight, sound, and smell that I possibly could during my 3-ish day stay on the West Coast. However, as soon as I dropped my junk off and boarded the cable car, all of my plans hitched a ride out of town and I just went with the flow (which happened to be the California line cable car straight to the coast). The sights got me... everywhere I looked I wanted to snap a picture of something! The architecture is AMAZING.. there really is something different about port cities, maybe it's because they are older and more established, but they will suck you in with all that they have to offer.

Because of this...most of my photos from my trip were of various buildings and city-scapes. San Francisco has beautiful sights and sounds... but it's the sights that got me.

Today's photos are all themed around the city-scape. Lots of skyline and some neighborhood devotion. Tomorrow we will go full-on with the architecture.

Remember to comment on THURSDAY for a chance to win an 8x10 of your favorite image from my trip :)

The view from my hotel room...25th floor and the Bay, baby!
San Francisco Bay

Ghirardelli Square... remember I said that there was chocolate everywhere? This is why.

Ghirardelli Square San Francisco

China Town! It was decorated for Chinese New Year... so I got lucky!

China Town,Chinese New year,San Francisco

Cable Cars... really are fun, and slightly terrifying. They run through the major neighborhoods and areas.

Cable Cars,San Francisco


  1. ooooh beautiful shots of SF :) I loooove that city!!

  2. I like the China Town one the best!

  3. I love the Chirardelli Chocolate Square picture. The sky is AMAZING and the buildings are ambiguious so you can't tell where you are- North America, Europe, etc. Also it might be b/c I gave up chocolate for lent...but probably the prior reasons :)

  4. Sarah-They all look awesome!!!! I love the black and white one at Hyde Street Pier!


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