Tuesday, February 2, 2010


To me it feels like Monday. I guess yesterday was a wash so my mind has just decided to start the week today instead of yesterday. Fine by me! But though my mind wants to call today 'Monday'.... apparently the rest of the world didn't feel the same way, so the calendar still says 'Tuesday'. Better luck next time, I say!

Today's Trended-Tuesday topic is in honor of all of those getting married between now and the end of March. It can also be in honor of all of those planning weddings during this time, too. This is what we lover's of all things amour call the off-peak season for weddings. And though it is still a pretty rare time for most weddings to take place, there is a growing trend among couples to get married during the off season because of the AMAZING deals you can get on all of the things you saw Fergie put in her wedding (but wrote off because you didn't want to have to sell your car and your mother in order to pay for them).

So here's to you "off-peak season"! Thanks for letting the $20,000 wedding look like a million-bucks... oh and that castle you got married at? No big deal! You'll have fond memories of the castle while you tour Italy and stay in a 5-star resort on the coast... which is also, no big deal :)

If you're stuck on the fence about off-season weddings, consider the amazingness of all of your options. And speaking of castles... there is one right down the street from me that's perfect. I'd love to shoot your wedding there!

Rhodes Hall Atlanta, GA

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