Thursday, March 4, 2010

Christmas in.... well, whenever!

I love my clients. ya. like l-o-v-e cheesy song love. And because I love them... I give them things. Besides offering to them my remarkable and oh-so-fabulous photo skills (please note the sarcasm, I'm not half as great as the people I admire)... I give them the very things I enjoy. What can I say... I enjoy sharing the things that make me happy, because I hope that they'll make them happy, too.

When on the quest to come up with a gift for my clients, I tried at first to think of things that were beyond amazing... for instance, a Tempur-Pedic bed. However, sadly I'm unable to buy one for myself, much less give one away. So I looked smaller, and I looked around. I finally landed on the things that I use and love each and every day...because I'm all about the 'every-day pleasures'. They are what get us through.

Here are some pictures of the gift that each one of my amazing clients gets. Depending on the personality and likes of the clients there may be a few other things in there too (Wine, coffee, tickets, potato chips, a card deck). 




  1. so cool! such a fun way to show appreciation to your clients :) very sweet of you!

  2. How cute and nice of you!:)

    LOVE your blog header!!


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