Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekend Recap

As I sit down and get to work this morning, it occurs to me that somehow in the last 48 hours I have aged a little (or about 40 years).   On both Friday and Saturday I had a bedtime of about 11:30. During the week this is normal...but on the weekend? Just call me the fun-sucker. And though you would think that this would allow me to get up earlier to perhaps enjoy a nice brunch, I was actually loathing the clock as it read 10:00am. I've concluded that I a) need some rest and it was finally getting to me or b) I'm a 60yr old in a 23 yr-old's body.

During the 6 hours of the day that I WAS awake... I had a great weekend! As the days continue to get warmer in Atlanta, people continue to freak out and grill-out in obscure places and have crazy themed parties. Here we go!

Weekend Recap!

1) I am looking to buy a car, so my mom and I checked out the International Auto Show this weekend that boasts a show-room of every auto-maker. The was the perfect place to car shop since we didn't have to jump from lot to lot, we just had to walk 10ft over to the next vehicle. They had some vintage rides also that were so cute!


2. Saturday we took a walk through Virginia Highlands, the neighborhood I live in that is known for amazing boutiques, restaurants, and bars. You never know what will be going on and that afternoon we found an open-air market, blooming trees, and a Hogwarts Party. 



3. Two of my greatest friends were baptized Sunday at Buckhead church, where we regularly attend. It was an amazing thing to be able to watch them share their stories of where they've been and where they've come. We took up 3 rows in order to have everyone sit together! Here is a picture of my small group and the girls in front. I'm in the back with the shiny face... ugh. Next weekend I'll buy some matte powder. 


How was your weekend?!


  1. okay are making me miss atlanta mucho. I miss the variety of things to see and do!
    Thanks so much for the business card feedback-you rock!

  2. thank you so much for commenting on my blog! your weekend actually sounds perfect... plenty of sleep can do a person (even we twenty-somethings) good!

  3. Thanks so much fo stopping by my blog! I love your header. Too cute.

  4. Have never been to I really want to go.

  5. I bet the auto show was really fun! My weekend was good- hung w/ friends, grocery shopped, and got organized for the week! :)

    I survived my first day at new work- actually was a great day!

  6. @Jaime... so glad to hear you loved work!!!
    @The Zhush... yes, Atlanta is a must. Hip Hop and good eats ha ha ha.

  7. You gals are too cute!! And I don't see anyone with a shiny forehead :) Glad you had a lovely weekend! xo


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