Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I'm looking for a car

I am in the process of designing a shoot to take place in mid-April, and this weekend my mind exploded with creativity for it. I started looking through some of my favorites archived shots from past weddings, shoots, magazines (yes you, September 2005 Vogue...) and made a list of everything I need to make this into a reality. Surely you have been here? it's as if everywhere you look you suddenly are overcome with a major case of the 'new-uses-for-old-things' fever!!

Well I've got most of what I need... but the big thing on my list is a car. I dream small, don't I? :)

Not just any car...preferably one with....character (read: cooky and old)

Are there resources out there that can aid me in my search? Do you know of an Atlanta resident lookin' to show off their ride? I would love to hear from you!

I've been fortunate enough to have been a part of shooting some weddings with awesome cars, and here are a few of my favorite shots from them!

Photobucket Photobucket

photos taken by Sarah Esther for Joy Wilson


  1. That would be too fun! I hope you find one! The mind of an artist never turns off does it?! ha ha I wish I could sometimes..

  2. this would be awesome! We actually just saw an awesome photo shoot down at North Beach yesterday. They had a vintage red MGB convertible - looked so cute.

    I'll put on my thinking cap for you of my friends' vehicles down there.... If I'm around at that time, I have a 2009 BMW 328i that's pretty :)

  3. These photos are adorable! Best of luck in your search...

  4. Amazing pics! Hope you find the perfect car!!!

  5. I love the character and personality of old cars. Good luck on your search!

  6. Hoping you find exactly what you are searching for, as those images suggest, your search is so worthwhile! Vintage cars certainly add a lot of style!

  7. great shoots, wish I could help!
    Im sure it will be amazing!

  8. Wish I could help! My grandfather used to have a beautiful shiny black '62 Mercedes convertible---I used to dream of driving away in it after my wedding, but sadly he sold it just before passing away (he must have known my grandmother had no use for it without him--she has a cute little Prius!). Oh well, at least I have the memories! Let us know what you come up with, can't WAIT to see the shoot!!! XO

  9. hope u find what u're looking for! the shoot ur planning sounds amazing! love the pics above, u're very talented!:)

    p.s. love, love ur blog header!

  10. Sarah-- Really nice work! I hope you've found someone to help out, and if you haven't, you might consider looking at craigslist. I needed to find a cool old Airstream for a photoshoot, and that was finally the way I found one.


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