Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wednesday Wish List

Woo hoo it's the middle of the week!

Time for another installment of my Wednesday Wish-List.
Please don't consider me unhappy with my current state of life... really these are just things that I wouldn't refuse if someone just-so-happened to send them to me :)... or that I wouldn't refuse to buy if I just-so-happened to be in a fit of impulse when i encounter them. That being said... on with it!

1. I can just see myself having friends over for coffee and pancakes as it continues to get warmer... and I would LOVE these Anthropologie coffee spoons. Of course, I can also see them being used when it's just me, myself, and I. 

2. The confidence and sass to walk out of the house dressed like ANY one of the folks on LookBook. I mean... really. I'd love to get away with throwing on every item I loved from my closet and look fabulous doing it. This yellow scarf and the mesh-dotted tights are amazing. ATTN PHOTOGS: Great inspiration on this site...really.

3. This mixer. Need I say more? I mean, I seriously believe that my cooking skills would increase three-fold if I had this. You get it right? Kind of in the same way as when we were younger and the right purse  would increase our cool-factor a major percentage. Same logic. 


  1. I think I need to go see this Lookbook for myself, thanks!

  2. I think you just might have necessitated an Anthro purchase. NEED those coffee spoons!

  3. these spoons. amazing

  4. so i went to Anthro yesterday... no spoons to be found :(

    either that or i was too distracted by everything else and missed them?

  5. How cute are those spoons?!?! Anthro just always gets it dead on! XO Katie

  6. Despite the fact that I don't cook, and when I do- I always ruin it somehow, I want a Kitchenaid! It's a perfect wedding registry item :)



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