Wednesday, March 3, 2010

French Roast, French Kiss


Todays French Roast is going to:

Atlanta Weather.

Snow today, Chacos tomorrow. Atlanta weather is crampin' my style. Seriously, how am I supposed to enjoy Target's new line of bathing suits and dresses when I can't tell what season it's going to be for the next week? I love you Atlanta, but lately you've been pretty sucky.

Atlanta, à la fin!!!


Today's French Kiss goes to:

I love love love this show. And while we're at it... I might as well kiss Comcast, too, for providing this entertainment via OnDemand. I kind of wish I had a Patty around while I'm socializing to tell me 'yes, no, please don't wear that'. True at times she can be slightly abrasive, and probably definitely wrong, but her show makes for some solid entertainment... and feels much classier than some of the other shows I watch (and will never admit).

Je n'ai pas honte.

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