Monday, March 1, 2010

Growing Older

Relationships change as we grow older. You can't stop it. They just do. At some point we stop choosing our friends based on who the 'coolest' and 'most attractive' people are, and choose them instead based on how interesting they are and how good you feel when you are around them (and if they happen to be cool, good looking, interesting, and make you feel good...well then that's a jackpot friend and you should keep them around no matter what).

Our relationships with our parents change, too. We go from viewing them as an evil-force-out-to-thwart-all-of-our-best-plans to viewing them as a meal-ticket to viewing them (hopefully) as friendly-books-of-wisdom (that provide meal tickets when you visit, of course). 
I'm excited to be in a new place with my parents...I'm in the 'friendly-book-of-wisdome' stage. I enjoy hanging out with them, and actually apply what they tell me. 

This week I want to celebrate my relationship with my mom, which has grown tremendously over the past 3 years. On thursday I am taking her to a fancy-shmancy salon to get her hair did, and we will talk and giggle... and she will tell me I shouldn't leave candles burning, and make sure that I know how much my car insurance is every 6 months. But most of all we will enjoy our relationship, and how it's changed. Because we're older.

This is my mom at Christmas, holding our pomeranian, Elvis...who is pissed off at the Santa outfit she put on him.

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