Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Next time...use sunscreen.

well... yesterday was a pot of gold here in Atlanta. The weather was 70 degrees and S-U-N-N-Y and I am willing to bet that a fare amount of people called in ::cough cough:: sick. I took the opportunity to seize the sunshine and finished working early in the day so I could head out to Piedmont Park for the afternoon. I set up camp with a blanket and my Glamour and chilled. Let it further be known that just because it's technically still winter... the Sun trumps winter and sunburn knows no season. I got up from my lulling in the sun to discover that the backs of my legs were definitely scorched.... and only the backs of my legs, because I neglected to flip over (yeah I wasn't really going for an even tan or anything in the beginning of MARCH). Next time I will take Glamour's age-old advice and wear sunscreen. But honestly, I'm secretly excited about my first sunburn of the year... because that means more sunny days are to come!!!!

Speaking of Piedmont Park... I'm counting down the days until I get to photograph a wedding at Park Tavern overlooking the park! I can't wait!

I can't wait until full-fledged wedding season! I love this picture from the Weiser wedding last season!


  1. dying for warm weather. I miss the GA sun! I love this picture Sarah!

  2. what a cute wedding picture... very candid

  3. Yay to more sunny days!

    This picture is so darn cute. I love their candid expressions.

    Have a fab week, you've got an awesome blog and I'll be back here again!


  4. such a sweet photo!

    I went to a wedding at Magnolia in Piedmont Park last year and it was GORGEOUS... I'm sure that will be such a fun wedding for you to photograph :)

    p.s. we're still on for the 11th. I brought a passport to actually take a photo of a passport in my pocket. maybe for my blog banner/header? haha. :) margaritas are a MUST if you're up for it!!! let's pray for great weather and we're going to have a blast :)

  5. Amazing! That is a very stunning picture and captures the moment perfectly!
    Greetings from Berlin



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