Wednesday, March 17, 2010

French Roast, French Kiss


The most recent French Roasts go to:
1. Time changes
I mean, really? it takes at least a day or four to get back into the swing of things after we freakishly lose an hour. I can't help but be late to everything for the next week after a time change. Especially one as demanding as spring forward. Sheesh.

2. Our dishwasher.
We're on our second one in 5 months. And this one seems to have the same complex as the first one.... dishes it cannot wash, but leak on the floor it can. This is when I need Kelly Ripa to head over here and work some magic on my appliances. 

3. Taxes.
Really no explanation is needed and I think you would all just groan with me at the mention of this word. I just finished mine ::insert groan:: and will be investing in a personal accountant next year. thank-you-very-much.


I wanna french kiss these things all over!

1. Time changes (the forward kind)
I know I know I know I just dissed them... but really they redeem themselves with the blessed gift of an hour of more sunlight per-day! My complexion is improving and I'm pretty sure I float when I walk now. 

2. Canon
I love my canon equipment, and I love my canon customer service. They fix it all super fast and with a super-nice attitude. I feel like the woman in the Progresso commerical every time I talk to them because they enamor me so much. 

3. Ruffled pillows.
We just bought some from Pier 1 and our living room's chic-ness just jumped up about 180 notches. They are adorable and there is something so tasty about little ruffles . They add lots of depth an may not even need a couch to put them on. kidding.'


  1. This post totally made me smile! I love ruffled pillows too, even if they are just on the floor, lol. Just kidding :)

    Thanks for the nicey you left on my blog, have a fab day!

  2. Love that you're floating while you walk! And the ruffled pillow --- TOO CUTE! XO Katie

  3. I am SO diggin' ruffled throw pillows right now too. Gorgeous!

  4. Ruffles always make everything better!!!


  5. This is a cute post! I love that pillow :)

  6. So cute. I agree, ruffles do make everything better. I wish i could have a ton of them, but I know hubby would think they are too girly girl and wouldn't be into it.
    Ahhh... hubbys, why do we keep them...?
    *kisses* HH



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