Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Reader's Choice and Giveaway!

Every now and then I like to give myself assignments to see how creative I can get, and to help open my eyes to the things around me. I'll usually give myself a theme, or an object and then photograph around that theme for the next week. It's fun and frustrating, as sometimes you never can quite find what you're looking for (but that's where the learning comes in!)

I thought that this time, instead of choosing my own theme, I'd ask my amazingly creative blog readers what you think it should be! What do you think should be my next photo-obsession? At the end of a week of exploring this theme, I will also be giving away a print from the series!!! How's that for getting what ya want!?

Drumroll please (bc I know you are alll so anxious)...the themes to choose from are:

1. Bicycles

2. Food

3.  Stars

Leave a comment below to let me know why you think I should choose one of these!


  1. Since I am obsessed with bicycles right now...I would go with that.;) So timeless.

  2. I love the stars theme, but if apples were the food... it might be different ;)

  3. Bicycles,...because I know of a perfect place that I could put it in my new house! Pick me, pick me! :)

  4. bicycles!!! i married into a family of cyclists, and because i opened my big mouth, my husband has forced me into taking up cycling once it gets warm!

  5. Stars, a bit of a star shape (not in the sky) obsession over here...would love to see what you capture!

  6. I pick bicycles. Even though I LOVE food, I see food photography everywhere - I wanna see more bikes!!

  7. I like the would be fun to see where you can find them.



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