Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday time Wasters

Happy Friday! Happy weekend! Happy -day-that-no-work-gets-done-because-we-are-already-checked-out-for-Saturday day!

This will be the first full weekend of spring! Lets hope it's good... and to all of you who are kind of just waiting for this day to end... here are some fantastic time-wasters (read: things to do with your time that may or may not be productive).


1. Free
     Seriously I can spend hours on this because I want to try to beat my high score, or and I also TOTALLY know the definition to the word cajole...just let me try again! It's a great way to improve your vocabulary (and you can do it in another french has improved. C'est tres facile)
Also.. every 100grains of rice you win goes to feed someone dying of hunger! Life-Saving time-wasters!!!

2. Falling Sand
 Just click your mouse to make your own creative digital-sand-art masterpiece. I'm trying to justify this in some way, but really... it's just fun.

3. People of Walmart
 Going to school in the North Georgia Mountains introduced me to a lot of things. Walmart fashion was definitely one of them. This site highlights the best (read:worst) possibly fashion decisions that Wal-Mart patrons around the globe have made. I secretly think that they are all actually from Dahlonega.

I leave you with this picture, from the website

onward, weekend.


  1. This is JUST what I needed. The weekend cannot come soon enough! Thanks!

  2. I've been to Walmart...going to see the falling sand! Sounds cool, thanks :)

  3. The internet is such a strange, fun, creative and completely time sucking place sometimes! These were hilarious though, thanks for the smiles.

  4. Hehehe. Great post. Saturday is my Friday so this should keep me busy today.


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