Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekend Recap

I don't have a problem with Monday's because they have a distinct quality about them...they're consistent. Monday's show up, and they pretty much all carry the same air about them... you always know what to expect...and I think that helps alleviate some of the 'ugh Monday'-ness. And seriously, if you are able to read this right now, can't we just acknowledge the 10+ things we have to be thankful for that make that possible?

weekends, however, are unpredictable to most of us... and I feel like that's why we get all lethargic when it comes to Fri-Sunday and then proceed to yearn for the unpredictable adventures (or laziness, I'm not above that!) for the rest of the week.

...excuse me while I dismount from my soap box...

For me, this weekend was one of those that leaves ya yearnin' for the next...

1. Visited an old friend for a night of cards, beer, and Wendy's...and woke up to a Jamie Durie-esque porch complete with cinnabons, coffee, and back-issues of Better Homes & Gardens. We also suddenly realized that this birthday definitely marked a new stage of life for us (note our excitement about the porch and magazines...)
Photobucket Photobucket

Here's a picture of one of Rome's down-town churches.

2. Sunday morning was the ING half and full marathon here in Atlanta and I have some pretty insane -I mean determined- friends that decided to run them. So we were up at 7 cheering them on. 
Here is my beautiful friend Ruthie right after she finished.

These guys made my day..the crossed the line with two tall-boys of Miller High Life. Class.

3. Saturday night we went into Lowe's to buy a rug and came out with this:

Hahah jk. But seriously. We left with an out-door fireplace, 3 chairs, and some wood. I'll put up real images later.

How was your weekend?!!


  1. haha, I saw that outdoor room and I thought you were serious!!! weekend was great... went to a big arts festival in orlando on saturday, had church yesterday and just finished some gardening. have a ton of writing to do for my wednesday deadline - but the sun is shining, hard to get motivated! :)

  2. great weekend!!
    btw re your comment about the silk flowers, Bando also makes hairpieces. Check it out :)

  3. Sounds like a fun weekend-very productive :)

    Mine was good- did some spring shopping on Saturday, celebrated a friend's bday, and hung out w/ my brother!

  4. Sounds so fun, have my heart set on a fire pit for the backyard this summer!

  5. Hmmm, maybe you could light some candles that smelled like a campfire outside next to the fireplace like in this last picture! You won my giveaway...send me an email and we'll work out the deeds.


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